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Camera Settings Course




1 Week


About the Course

As a professional photographer with years of experience capturing the beauty of life's most precious moments, I am excited to share my passion and expertise with aspiring photographers. I offer hands-on classes designed to teach students the essential skills needed to master their cameras and elevate their photography. Whether you're a beginner eager to understand the basics or an intermediate photographer looking to refine your technique, my classes provide personalized instruction and practical experience. You'll learn how to compose stunning shots, manage lighting, and utilize various camera settings to create breathtaking images. Join me in this immersive learning experience and unlock your potential behind the lens.

Your Instructor

Toby Ogden

Toby Ogden

I am so excited to share knowledge and help people learn their camera settings. What to do in different situations. I will teach you how to make you camera become an extension of your own body and mind. The course given here is a mix of written instruction. I am your person to reach out to for advice and will also include an in the field hands on training session. This course is meant for people that need to know the basics of how to use a camera and master the manual setting on your camera.

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