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Film Photography

It's truly been an amazing journey as a photographer! I'm excited to share that my services now include film photography. This decision was driven by a desire to reconnect with the heart of photography, where every image is imbued with intention and thoughtfulness. While digital photography excels at capturing stunning shots, there's a unique place for the raw authenticity of film. After investing time in mastering the art of film photography, I'm thrilled to offer this option to couples as either an enhancement to existing services or as a standalone experience.

When working with film, we utilize 35mm or 120mm formats, offering 36 and 12 exposures per roll, respectively, for color or black and white photography. This can be added onto any package or selected as a standalone service.

The process involves developing the film in a professional lab and then professionally scanning it to convert it into digital format. 

The aesthetic of film photography is raw, artistic, and authentic, capturing each moment with thoughtful precision. The attention given to composition and lighting results in visually captivating images that hold a special emotional resonance, making them ideal for romantic photographs and reflecting the unique story and connection of each couple.

The cost is $200 per roll of film shot. Client will receive all photos from each roll in an online gallery for download. 


Film photography can be added to any service already or it can be a stand alone service. I look forward to hearing from you and see how I can be of service to you.

-Toby Ogden

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