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Adding A Second Photographer

Updated: Feb 16

All you need to know about second photographers to your photography services.

The 2nd photographers that we have on our team are all very well trained and they are just as talented with their camera skills and creativity to be a lead photographer. Having a 2nd photographer that is very experienced is going to be a huge asset to the creative capture of a wedding day.

Sometimes a 2nd is only needed for a portion of the day. A lot of couples will have the 2nd photographer for the 1st

With that said, we wanted to list the top 10 reasons how an experienced 2nd photographer will be of value for a couple that is considering adding a 2nd to their photography services.

  1. Lead photographer and 2nd photographer divide and concur. This means that we are rarely in the same place taking pictures of the same thing. When we are in the same place we are getting completely different angles and perspectives.

  2. Getting ready portion of the day. When the couple is getting ready in separate rooms or if the couple are getting ready in completely different locations. Having 2 photographers is going to allow us to capture both of you and the moments happening seamlessly.

  3. During the ceremony having 2 photographers is going to be great so we can capture some important moments that can only be captured with 2 photographers. With 2 photographers we can capture both couples faces during the procession. We capture the kiss from 2 angles and the recession. Also after the recession one photographer goes with the couple while the other captures the wedding party and guests walking out of the ceremony area.

  4. Cocktail hour is sometimes also happening at the same time as the family, wedding party and couples photos. The 2nd photographer is great to have at this time so that you get some photos of guests at cocktail hour. It is not only great to get that documented but it also entertaining for your guests.

  5. Dance

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