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Engagement Session At Terramar - May Gray

Updated: May 30

An Engagement Session at Terramar in Carlsbad. May Gray didn't stop us from have a blast and getting some real connection photos with this couple - Hazel and Gavin. What a fun couple! We all left the beach soaking wet and I almost lost one of my sandals to the ocean!

Its Ideal to have a lower tide at this beach but no matter what, I always embrace what we get for the day. There is always a positive to any situation and over the years I've been in almost every weather pattern you can get from heavy rain, fog, hurricanes, extreme wind, extreme sunlight, grey and overcast. Believe it or not, there is always a positive in any of those situations.

On this day the gray sky was going going to give us some great even light on the couple. The couple was down to get in the water a bit which is always fun and brings a new dynamic to the session. Most importantly I really just want to capture the couples connection. When I am working with the couple, I like to have them move and do things together, this will let the couple concentrate on themselves and actually moving so they can relax and be themselves while I run around looking for my angles and those little moments that are genuine and true to the couple.

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