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Film Photography

Updated: Feb 16

All you need to know about film photography for weddings, engagement sessions and other family events with Image In Love.

While film started losing popularity with digital cameras in the early 2000's, It never went away. Unlike when CDs came out and tapes became obsolete or VHS video tapes went away completely. Film always hung in there. It was hard to not see how digital photography was just so much more appealing.

With digital, you could take more photos, you could take so many more photos that you almost start to take it for granted. Cameras that shoot 10 to 20 frames in a second! The term spraying and praying was a term that you could just hold that shutter down and point it at your subject with out little effort to capture a few good moments after sifting through several dozens of images. When I first started shooting digital, this was just amazing and you took advantage of that. As years went on, I took off the super fast shutter mode and when back to a low shutter or a one shot at a time shutter on my digital camera.

With a vintage film camera the approach is just different. Sure you have to be fast with your settings and your tool the camera but you also have to be attentive to the moment. You get 1 shot until you wind the film and get your subject back in focus again.

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