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Fruit Craft Wedding Venue Photography - San Diego, CA

Jacquie and John had their wedding at Fruit Craft Wedding Venue in San Diego, CA. The day was on the move and went by in a blink! It was really one of those weddings that was packed with adventure. Everyone worked really hard to make the day perfect.

From getting ready locations 20 minutes away and making it to Fruit Craft Venue for the ceremony. Before we knew it, we were off to Balboa Park with a lot of ambition to photograph the family, wedding party, and the couple - also, we got to use an old classic car at Balboa Park, which was really cool! We had to pack all that in plus the drive to and from Fruit Craft.

We had our work cut out for us! We were all on the same page from a bit of planning. When we arrived at Balboa Park, we got straight to getting the family photos, and everyone did great. We continued to get photos with the car and then the wedding party, and finally, we got to spend about 20 minutes with the couple. We even got to explore a bit of Balboa Park to get photos of them at some of the iconic spots. I led them to some of my favorite spots too. We were about 15 minutes late back to the venue as we were all very ambitious that we could pull it off.

Our extra few minutes at Balboa Park were so worth it, and the rest of the night at Fruit Craft was just perfect. From the tacos and dance party to the send-off with sparklers in the street, the night ended, and I was just like, "Wow, it's already over?"

Vendors that made this day possible:

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