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Multi Location Wedding Day Tips

Updated: May 30

Here are some Multi Location Wedding Day Tips! The wedding gallery below shows a packed day with multiple locations. From a Oceanside hotel to get ready to The San Luis Rey Mission for a ceremony and then an hour drive up to a beautiful in Temecula for the reception.

Days with multiple locations are action packed and in order to ensure a smooth day, you must be on point. In order to to achieve a smooth day we have a few tips we would like to share:

2nd photographer

We suggest having a 2nd photographer, especially when the couple are in separate locations that are far apart. The 2nd photographer can also be great for some other things during the wedding like a 2nd angle on the ceremony. A 2nd can also be photographing details while you are getting portraits done. Most of all the 2nd is going to be at different areas during your big day to capture that many more moments and memories happening.


When you work with Image In Love, we will always send out a questionnaire to catch up on all the details about 3-4 weeks prior to the big day. A official timeline is also great to have and we will also request that information from the coordinator or the couple. Having the timeline will put us all on the same page. Timelines may change on the day of, but having the timeline is a good starting place to ensure we are at the correct locations at the correct time. Our goal as photographers is to capture your day in the most creative and beautiful way. We are also aware of time and constraints so when you work with Image In Love, you are also going to have a piece of mind that we can work in sync with your timeline.

Arriving Early

When you work with Image In Love, we are always early no matter what wedding it is. If it is the first time at a new venue or if it is the 20th time at a venue we know like the back of our hand. We are there to be ready to capture the day and we can never know what is going come up on such an important day. Since we are there early we can be that much more prepared. On days that have multiple locations we want to be ahead of the game and be fully sure that we will authentically capture your day and memories but also be ready to get to that next location making your day as smooth as possible.

Adding Extra Time

Sometimes its just best to add some cushion time into the number of hours you are going to hire us for. When we go over your day we will give you the amount of time that is sufficient to capture it all with all the locations in mind but we can never know if there will be traffic or if something holds up the timeline. Adding a bit extra time will make your day that much more easy going. Rushing through moments can be done but we will do our best to avoid that. Extra time is always great when necessary.


Communication is so key. We are so excited to help our couples have the most amazing day. We want to know all of what you are expecting and we are super happy to go over your day in the initial call when you are booking our services. When we hear your vision, we will give our professional advice. We will always think about how your day can be its best and smoothest as possible. As things and locations and times change, we are ready to adjust accordingly. The 3-4 week out questionnaire is very helpful for everyone but if there is more to understand we are good to get into more detail with our couple and do phone calls.

Thos are our tips for having a smooth multiple location wedding day. These tips apply to a lot of what we offer as a photography and film company.

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