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The Windmill Carlsbad Wedding Film

Always a pleasure to be at the Windmill Wedding Venue by Wedgewood Venues in Carlsbad! I've been able to work at this venue dozens of times now as a photographer and with video and its so nice to know the area like the back of my hand. Non the less, we always arrive early to scope out everything.

Sometime the couple likes to do all the photos and video at the venue and sometimes we go off site for a quick portrait session at the beach. We have a quick route that can get us to the beach quick and back to the venue as the timeline is going quick. We have even done the Flower Fields where we area. preferred vendor at as well to do some portraits with the couple during flower season. The Flower Fields are right accross the street from the Carlsbad Windmill venue.

For this couple, they requested to have a short version video and a long version video. The 2 videos are here in this blog to show that a full day of capturing video, we can make a long version video that is fun to watch with music and audio from the day to tell the full story of what went on. A video like this is something that has a bit more in depth rendition of the day and can get up to about 15 or 20 minutes. The short version video is also here to see that a short video also captures a lot of the day and just a quicker way to watch it all go down but not leave any of the big moments out of the shorter edit.

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