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Image In Love Film Packages

Welcome to Image In Love Films, where we pride ourselves on capturing your wedding day in its true essence. We understand that every couple is unique, and we take the time to discover who you are as individuals. Our aim is to document your love story in a timeless and visually appealing way that truly reflects your personalities. By being attentive to your preferences and interests, we craft a film that showcases the genuine essence of your bond, complemented by audio and sounds from your special day.

If this approach resonates with you, we are thrilled to schedule a pre-booking meeting. This meeting gives us the opportunity to get to know you better, answer any questions you may have, and establish a strong rapport with each other as people.

We look forward to collaborating with you and creating a film that beautifully portrays your love story.

UPDATE: We are super excited to offer SUPER 8 FILM services! This is authentic film we shoot to incorporate into your authentic love story. Let us know if you are interested in knowing more.

Ask us about the photo and video bundle discount. When you combine and photo service and video service together. We give you a break on price.

SIX HOURS +  $3600

6 hours of coverage

Documentary Edit

Full Toasts Edit

Full Ceremony Edit

3-5 minute Edit

1 minute sizzle

five social media clips vertical

SAVE $850

Add on SUPER 8 $400 per roll



8 hours of coverage

Documentary Edit

Full Toasts Edit

Full Ceremony Edit

1 minute sizzle

3-5 minute edit

five social media clips vertical

SAVE $850

Add on SUPER 8 $350 per roll


TEN HOURS + $5000

10 hours of coverage

Documentary Edit

Full Toasts Edit

Full Ceremony Edit

1 minute sizzle

3-5 minute Edit

8-12 minute Edit

five social media clips vertical

SAVE $1050

Add on SUPER 8 $300 per roll


Hourly pricing is available and you will get raw footage download link with option to add edits

Three Hours


We can get a bit of the pre-ceremony photos, details, ceremony, and portraits.

Four Hours


With 4 hours we can capture some pre-ceremony, the ceremony, and portraits with additional time to cover the beginning of the reception.

Five Hours


Pre-ceremony coverage, ceremony coverage, portraits including the family, wedding party, and the couple with a good amount of time for part of the reception

Six Hours


Great for photographing getting ready and details, along with the ceremony, portraits, wedding party, and family, as well as reception activities.

Seven Hours


Great for photographing getting ready and details, ceremony, portraits of wedding party, family, and the couple. Leaves plenty of time for reception activities.

Eight Hours


8 hours of wedding photography leaves time for everything (for most weddings). This length of time is perfect for getting ready, ceremony, portraits, and full reception.



Having a late send off? A full day of photography. Multiple locations during day. Early ready time with a larger size wedding party and guest count. More time just allows you to not have to rush through any parts of the day. 

Ten Hours


A big day of fun is planned. Start times might be around 11am or 12pm and go till 10pm or 11pm for a send off. A bigger size wedding with lots of guests and multi locations may need video for 10 hours and is not uncommon.


We are so excited to offer SUPER 8 film services. You may ask, what does this mean? Well, this means that we will incorporate shooting actual film of your love story. This film is shot with a vintage super 8 camera. We get the film processed at a lab and scanned in professionally so we can incorporate it into your wedding film or we can give you all the clips from the roll. We also give you the actual film strips for you to keep and even watch on a projector if you desire. 

SUPER 8 FILM prices are $500 per roll shot and you get the scanned video you can watch on any device. You also get the actual 50 foot roll of film that we send to you.

Film Edit Pricing

Add any of the edit options to any deluxe package or to film by the hour option.

Documentary Edit - Capturing the Essence of Your Special Day  - $1200.00

Relive every magical moment of your special day with our expertly crafted Documentary Edit. Our team of skilled artists will take your cherished memories and transform them into a captivating film, beautifully edited to showcase the entire journey from start to finish.

Through careful curation of video footage, complemented by carefully selected music and audio from the day, we create a compelling narrative that not only highlights the epic moments but also embraces the candid, unplanned instances that make your day truly unique.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each film is an artistic masterpiece that will leave you and your loved ones in awe.


Depending on the amount of footage we capture, your documentary can range from 10 to 20 minutes – a beautiful tribute to the memories you will cherish forever.

Let us be a part of your special day, preserving every emotion, laughter, and tear in an artistic presentation that you can relive for generations to come. Contact us now to discuss how we can make your day truly unforgettable.

Extended Highlight Edit - Relive Your Day's Magical Moments - $1000

Our Extended Highlight Edit, a perfect blend of artistry and storytelling that allows you to experience the essence of your special day in a concise yet captivating manner. This edit is carefully crafted to be around 15 to 20 minutes long, giving you a comprehensive glimpse into all the big moments that made your day truly unforgettable.

With expert precision, we curate the most significant moments of your day and weave them together, intentionally cutting to the rhythm of music that resonates with your unique story. Throughout the video, you'll hear vocal audio that adds a personal touch, ensuring the emotions and atmosphere of the day are beautifully preserved.

While the Extended Highlight Edit may have fewer raw moments compared to a full documentary edit, it captures the heart and soul of your celebration, leaving you with a cinematic masterpiece to cherish forever.

Introducing our Super Highlight Edit - $800


A visually stunning showcase of the most memorable and visually appealing moments captured from your special day. With expert precision, we curate the essence of your celebration into a captivating 8 to 12-minute film that will leave you breathless.

Our artistic approach ensures that only the big moments that truly matter take center stage. Through seamless editing, we blend these cherished moments with 2-3 carefully selected songs, creating a cinematic symphony that resonates with your heart.

Immerse yourself in the splendor of your day, reliving the magic and emotions through a concise yet powerful visual presentation. Let us create a Super Highlight Edit that will forever encapsulate the essence of your celebration.

Highlight Edit - Relive Your Memorable Moments - $600

Relive Your Big Moments in a Breathtaking Film. Our Highlight Edit is designed to bring your cherished memories to life, focusing on the most significant moments and visually captivating clips from your special day. Through skillful editing, we curate a 3 to 5-minute film that encapsulates the essence of your celebration, ensuring every second is filled with pure emotion and joy.

With our artistic touch, we carefully select 1-2 songs that perfectly complement the visuals, creating a harmonious symphony of sights and sounds that resonate with your heart.

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing film that takes you back to the magic of your day. Let us craft a Highlight Edit that preserves the big moments and artistic beauty, ensuring your memories remain unforgettable.

1-Minute Sizzle - A Dynamic Showcase of Impactful Moments - $300

Presenting our 1-Minute Sizzle - a dynamic and fast-paced film that captures all the most impactful moments from your special day. In just 60 seconds, we skillfully curate and highlight the essence of your celebration, ensuring every second leaves a lasting impression.

With a perfectly selected song, we create a seamless and energetic visual experience that is tailor-made for social media platforms.

Share the magic of your special day with your friends and family on social media through this captivating 1-Minute Sizzle. Let us craft a film that showcases the most memorable highlights, leaving a lasting imprint on everyone who views it.

Full Toasts - Relive Heartfelt Moments in Multi-Camera Brilliance -$200

Indulge in the magic of your toasts with our Full Toasts film. We meticulously capture every heartfelt moment from multiple angles, ensuring that you can relive the essence of each toast as it happened. Through skillful editing and isolated audio, we present a seamless and captivating experience that will touch your heart.

Let us preserve the emotional essence of your toasts, allowing you to cherish these special memories for a lifetime. 

Full Ceremony - Relive Your Special Moment from Every Angle - $200

Experience the beauty of your ceremony in its entirety with our Full Ceremony film. We skillfully capture every precious moment from multiple cameras, ensuring that you can relive the magic of your special day as it unfolded. With isolated audio and expert editing, we present a seamless and enchanting film that will transport you back to that cherished moment.

Let us preserve the essence of your ceremony, allowing you to cherish these treasured memories for a lifetime.

Social Media Snips - Shareable Moments in Vertical Format - Price: $150 for a pack of 5

Introducing our Social Media Snips - a pack of 5 vertical snippets that encapsulate the most impactful moments of your special day, perfect for easy sharing on social media. Each snippet is carefully curated to be visually stunning and tailored for optimal viewing on social platforms.


Share the magic of your celebration with friends and family on social media through these beautifully crafted snippets. You can request additional snippets at just $25 each, allowing you to extend the joy and excitement of your special day to your online community.

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