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Super 8 Film

All you need to know about incorporating Super 8 Film into your day!

Lets go back to 1965 - that is over 50 years ago! Between 1965 and 1980 there were over 65 million super 8 cameras in households across the world! This was the way families captured memories and was even used to make movies.

Using Super 8 today is kinda like using a film photo camera. The film is not forgiving in editing so you have to know your camera and understand composition and lighting to see the true beauty of the super 8 film. Super 8 film can be great and it can be completely expensive trash if you mess up. The best way to avoid the mess ups is to master your process to using the Super 8 Camera.

Super 8 is not cheap. From the expertise of the person shooting it, the time, effort, testing and education of how to use the camera. The film is expensive and each roll of film is only 3 minutes of footage. The process of developing the film and scanning the film all the way to delivering the film in raw form or edited form. There is just a lot that goes into it and that is why it is more expensive.

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